What would a verse be without someone to hear it?
Without a listener to analyze every lyric
Who would you be making it for?
What would a beat be if it didn’t cause someone to break on the floor?
As a sophomore, knew every word to Kick in the Door
Now I’m an MC straight spittin’ it raw without a flaw
If a cat memorized what had come out my jaw
And he kicked it like it’s something that he thought up before
Why should I criticize what he bites if he got inspired by what I write?
That’s all right, glad to give him something
Take it and run, he’s making it fun
What I say helped him become something over the drum
The support that we get from the heads that be checking us
Is what keeps us continuing with a forward momentum
And I’m referring to the people globally who listen when we’re speaking poetry
Without you, there’s no MC’s

Why the hell I stay awake paintin’ words to breaks?
I burn my days / dazed / trying to turn the page
stay searchin each surface for the perfect phrase
to birth a crazed / gaze / from a wordless face
Man, why rehearse ways to emerge on stage
for that 30 minute scrutiny with nerves ablaze?
the inner workings of my person / dispersed in ways
some either love it or they hate still my worth’s appraised
Yea I do it, buy some new music and cruise to it
find a favorite track / loop it / and write a review to it
I’m a student / search for inspiration to consume with
and teach on the side to perpetuate the movement //
You can’t phase us / that’s the illusion —>
but we strive for improvement / so booin’ is soothin’
I found a notebook to write the truth in ||
without you listenin’ i wouldn’t even do this.