This is The Aztext third album, you might remember
they dropped The Sacred Document in ‘07 November,
that record was cool, but this record is better
the beats bang and some concepts are clever
this groups got heart and has shown mad promise
as they’ve grown from a novice to a notable artist
but to be totally honest, even though they sound polished
there’s some flaws to they bars, and some whole in their project
vermont’s got no scene, except the mountains thats green
so how the hell you gonna tell me it could breed real MCs
and to believe there are problems in suburbia? please!
I guess it’s hard to chose between Denny’s and Friendly’s ||
As far as flow, all of the Learic’s are Pro
it’s obvious as kids they listened the classics on cassettes
grabbed tips, and ran with it as fast as they could
developed styles that I love with an image that’s …. good?

LEARIC: Though I do think they’re dope and this new record has hope
I have to say this group has room for growth
For example, these days who’s even checkin’ you?
The few fans you do have that respect your crew?
Question two: How much props are The Aztext due?
The rest of that thought I’ll save for the next review
They did themselves a favor collabin’ with Craig G
Maybe he taught the AZT a thing or three
Let’s see, they graduated past the sophomore jinx
But ask what any out-of-state hip-hop store thinks
Actually these guys could really stir up some crowds (How?)
If the title of their next single was Syrup & Cows (wow)
I can’t take rappers from states with low crime rates
This is so even though Learic & Pro rhyme great
I’ll give it a 9…8…nah, 7.6
9 1/2 for skills but a 6 for living in the sticks


Interviewer: So what’s it like being a rap group from Vermont?
LEARIC: Same as anywhere else, is that the answer you want?
‘Cause I thought hip-hop was about perspective
If it’s not, tell me and we can change directives

Interviewer: Fair enough, I guess you probably hear that a lot
Let’s talk beats. How’d you link with the producers you got?
LEARIC: I’ll field this. We’ve known E-Train & TouchPhonics
Since we were little Essex Hornets with no rap personas
And XPL? Well, his beats speak for themselves
So when he hit us through e-mail, we was ready to build
PRO: And I’ve known Dub for at least a decade
And always been hype off the beats that he made

Interviewer: OK, that’s it for beats, but what about collabos?
Any insight into how you grabbed those?
LEARIC: Well, Memms, he’s been down since It’s True
An easy choice, you’ve heard his voice, wouldn’t you pick him, too?
With Wombaticus Rex, we’ll always connect
‘Cause there’s a shared intellect and a mutual respect
PRO: And Skilltester Stabbone goes back to ‘06
When Jupiter laced us with that No Love shit
And Craig G? All props go to Nastee
He asked Craig to hook it up and they boys so that’s peace

Interviewer: Is it true you haven’t done a show in a year?
PRO: Actually we did two last month. Were you there?

Interviewer: As for out-of-state shows, you doing any of those?
LEARIC: That question’s really connected to our cash flow
No budget to speak of, but if it pays
We’d drive for days to grace the stage of any damn place

Interviewer: That’s it for my questions. You got any for me?
LEARIC: No, questions are overrated, it’s all on the CD