The Aztext - The Sacred Document

The Aztext dropped their second album, The Sacred Document, in 2007. That was approximately more than a few years ago, which is crazy to contemplate. Now that I am digging into all the work I need to do this summer, I wanted to put some beers back and bump a Green Mountain classic I haven’t heard in many years. Let’s be clear, there were a lot of movements going on in Vermont at this moment in time.

The Aztext and Mac Lethal | Our Kingdom with Lyrics

“Our Kingdom” feat. Mac Lethal PRO I sit atop a mountain of old classics / it’s so tragic Most have turned ghosts / through political caskets I inhabit, a world who’s habits savagely slash Any passion you have, in half, and ask for it back In the form of a track / or any talent you have Being managed by Prozac to hold back your sad Ridalyn for happy / making (emotional) inches of valleys

Peace of Mind - produced by Dub Sonata | Lyrics

Pro: i drive myself crazy, always thinking, and well lately i can’t seem find a life raft / to help save me / i sit in safety / in the area that helped raise me supposed to be here, so I can chase dreams /// Instead, I go to work cause it pays me at my desk restless / watching time wasting / As every second pass / I lose second chance

Say No More - produced by Dub Sonata | Lyrics

Pro: This is The Aztext third album, you might remember they dropped The Sacred Document in ‘07 November, that record was cool, but this record is better the beats bang and some concepts are clever this groups got heart and has shown mad promise as they’ve grown from a novice to a notable artist but to be totally honest, even though they sound polished there’s some flaws to they bars, and some whole in their project

Without You - produced by Dub Sonata | Lyrics

LEARIC: What would a verse be without someone to hear it? Without a listener to analyze every lyric Who would you be making it for? What would a beat be if it didn’t cause someone to break on the floor? As a sophomore, knew every word to Kick in the Door Now I’m an MC straight spittin’ it raw without a flaw If a cat memorized what had come out my jaw

Learn to Talk | Produced by E Train with Lyrics

LEARN TO TALK Growin’ up a half American / Canadian kid I never knew home sweet home / it’s just the way that it is Thinking in French / speakin’ English / and playin’ with kids Who did the opposite / didn’t know what they were sayin’ and shit I’d spit a rhyme and hear / “vous etes hot en crises” I could reminisce forever son / but not on this