Growin’ up a half American / Canadian kid
I never knew home sweet home / it’s just the way that it is
Thinking in French / speakin’ English / and playin’ with kids
Who did the opposite / didn’t know what they were sayin’ and shit
I’d spit a rhyme and hear / “vous etes hot en crises”
I could reminisce forever son / but not on this
Movin’ from MTL to VT / was anything but easy
From drinking to the Green Mountain State / where the Trees be
Instead of hangin’ with sleezy / cats who would tease me
I took the bus every weekend / cause my city could please me
Maybe I owe Grey hound / for the tracks I lay down
Cause I came back / with too much excitement to stay down
Once I knew my way ’round (Vermont)/ like, the side streets too
I met up with my crew / called 5 3 2
They were my dawgs but left me lonely when it came down to rhyming
But I met Subliminal Messages in due timin’
Learic kept me on my grind like an assignment
While Framework displayed / how I could bring my style in
Before I knew it vibin’ / was all that I was tryin’
Went from CRA-Z to Prolific / to Pro, with no Brian
I Never knew myself / just kept on multiplyin
But all of us were climbin’ / up the same rock ledge
To move crowds / stay poundin’ / and rock heads
I’ve always known / that stress couldn’t stop this
From stutterin’ to polished / luke warm to blazin’
I came a long way in both talent and location
You better recognize all my determination
So I’ll see you at the top / cause I’m done being patient