Promo vid for the HippoEsthetics Murder Mascot Snapback cap produced by Quintin Co. releasing on 2/15/11 at the Las Vegas DunkXchange.

In order of appearance:
Mulan Hunyh, Pro of The Aztext, Jah Love, Timothy DelaGhetto RISSA, JRA DJ Rectangle, Anaih Garcia, B-Boy Ben, Nicole Soto.

Music by:
DJ Ethik - Blow ya Head
Nique - Boom Bap

Shot & edited by:
Destiny Films & TNES

We've had a lot of people comment on our the Who Cares if We're Dope? artwork, so I wanted to take a moment to give a quick shout out to TNES from and explain the thought process behind this Season, and the art.

The thought process behind the Season title, Who Cares if We're Dope?, was basically our way of saying that we are doing trying to compete or impress anyone.  Our latest music was very much made for us, and everyone involved in the project, but as we were making it, we realized we had to put it out.  When we emailed TNES about our idea, he had the Hippoe over to us within a few hours... If you look close, it's a dude, inside a Hippoe suit, trying to be a rhino - which to me meant, he's trying to be something he's not; over and over again.  
What's funny is that when we sent around the artwork to our team, 1 or 2 responders felt like it might need, "more".  So, I asked, "like what?"

The responses were anything from, 'a street light', 'a 40oz', 'a blunt' etc etc ... The irony is that all of those things would contradict our intent!  The intent is to stay away from hip hop cliches and do 'us', whatever 'us' may be ... 

For those who dig the cover art - thanks for the positive feedback and be sure to check out !!!! For those who think it could have been 'busier', think about what you would have put onto the cover instead... would it have been 'dope'?