This is something that we are incredibly humbled by.... One of Romania's illest Graff writers, Classick, put up an Aztext wall in support of our record, 'Who Cares if We're Dope?'

Big ups to XPL, Doc, Whoisrikk, Classick and anyone else who was involved, for making this possible! 

More pictures here:

Here is a track we did for our Swiss homies, the Soulslicers.  They blessed us with this ill ass beat, and we're real happy with the way the song came out!  Check out their album, Boost Da Soul available now on iTunes.


we don't press press it onto vynol none
cause they ain't trying to hear that vynol no more
all cassette sales are final, cds they ain't buyin' those
better put your iTunes up
they say we're living in the future now
but WE ain't living in the future, 'oh noo'
call it living in the past, we'll press it onto wax
so that you can scratch it up


Hungry listeners, we give 'em profound quotables
Right at their fingertips, it's digital downloadable
Crowds keep comin' back for more of this like Oliver Twist
Disinterest don't exist at our performances
I'm that creature that forages for its food
Choose to learn from our reviews and use it to try to improve
Music is my way of speaking right what's in my heartbeat
The reason you could find old verses underneath my car seat
It's treason that your'e preachin' if you're thinkin' you could weaken
The foundation we've been formin'
We're here to stay like global warming
So pay attention like you're toe-to-toe with Foreman
My main intention's to cure the entire globe of boredom
It's my calling so to speak, in the garden growin' beats
Mine to keep like no receipt, a show you should go and see
I got no degree and still I'm tellin' you my viewpoint
I hope you agree we blessed the hell out of this new joint

we don't press press it onto vynol none
cause they ain't trying to hear that vynol no more
all cassette sales are final, cds they ain't buyin' those
better put your iTunes up
they say we're living in the future now
but WE ain't living in the future, 'oh noo'
call it living in the past, we'll press it onto wax
so that you can scratch it up!


there's a million and one ways to say i'm better then you 
and a million dudes search for a million two
but if they stopped || and thought bout what they really should do
we'd still have rappers, only a million few  
i'm not old school, i'm tired .. of fakers and liars
no backpack, but music should create and inspire
so don't say that you're flyer, and hand me a flier
write fire and we’ll listen. It’s simple, try it…
too many gimmicks up and quit in a minute  
biggest self critic so it’s air tight when I finish
pushing the limits of what fits in a sentence
so you diction detective's are like this shit is impressive
look, I’m not a savior when I’m kickin the flavor
but I do bring it back like hittin’ hips wit a pager
so if you respect the classics, start spinning my disc
and I shouldn’t even have to ask if you’re feeling that shit!


I am VERY excited to announce that The Aztext will be playing along side Badfish at Higher Ground in South Burlington, November 18th.  This will be an all ages show.
If you've never seen Badfish before, you don't know what you're missing!
More info as we get it... Stay Tuned.

Won't forget you
i'm a chase you
i'm a catch you
i'm a kill you

I remember the day i first heard your name
*12 years old | no way could I interpret pain
on the scale you were delivering | killing, deliberate
the tears on my mom's face had my spine shiverin   (* at 12, my aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer)
a stone cold killer of the serial type
those who escape || are forced to live with fear in their life
or so you say | before you disapear in the night
i was young but fully understood my wrong and my right
as I grew - I saw a few who dodged your wrath
tempted fate in broad day trying to find your ass
sent smoke signals for years, i'm here, come and get me!
detective on the case, but kept comin up empty
eventually, i knew i had to change my tactic
played by the rules and got played as i became an addict
but after tragic | loses, some people lost it
vigalanty style - mob shit - with burning torches


*My cousin's an assasin who was sent upstate  (*my cousin is a doctor, who has researched cancer)
u-sed his time to train, develop strength
was told if he can lay low and graduate
plenty others were prepared to collaborate
and now his days are spend layed up in the lab
face in a Mac | historically tracing you back
diggin' in crates for old breaks, chasin the facts
a science --> like double entendre - phrases in tracks
loosing patience - he had to displace of some rats
its only practice | for the day you attack
see it's something like Dexter, both of y'all killers
only | one's a hero, the other's a villain
no pattern to location, race, religion
parents || children | men or women
you're a murderer | i pray that you're no longer living
a vivid vision that i live with forgive my sinnin'

Dear God put an end to this violence
if you lost someone
take a moment of silence
Dear God put an end to this violence
For a moment of silence
Dear God put an end to this violence
don't make me take a moment of silence
Dear God put and end to this violence
don't make more take a moment of silence

the pain is deep cause the pain is real
i'm not afraid to be faced with the way i feel
so many lives can be changed / in the span of phone call
i know all involved will make it and hold tall
but for now, the present is rain clouds
mixed with faint smiles, when memories break out
I caught a laugh thinking back on reunion's
off beat clapping, dancing, moving
people showing strength that i can't imagine
myself having | but i'm working everyday with a burning passion
 so if i meet you in an ally, i'll just stand there laughin
knowing that deep inside we all   trained assassin
one of us has got to die, i guess its you or me
and when you go i guarantee they'll be no eulogy
just a party in the streets and family hugs and kisses
answered bedside prayers | and lover's wishes  

The Aztext x XPL – Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol. 3 Posted: June 5, 2011 by stefanoneder in Album Reviews
Tags: Skilltester Stabbone, The Aztext, XPL

Artist: The Aztext

Album: Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol 3

Source: Itunes


  1. Ol’ Skool
  2. Down The Road
  3. Break It Down (ft. Skilltester Stabbone)
  4. Nothing I Say (ft. Memms)
  5. Down The Road II

The Aztext are an oft overlooked group in Independent Hip Hop. That may primarily be because of the fact they hail from ‘under-the-radar’ Burlington, VT. But we all now know that hip hop is not restricted to major metropolitan areas. Hip Hop has reached almost every corridor of the world, and certainly the nation. Once you hear the music The Aztext make, where they are from becomes a moot point.

The Aztext have release a series of projects which focus on enlisting one producer for all of the songs. For the third installment they are working with XPL who I know nothing about at all. The production is indeed a strength of this EP however. I consider it moreso than the other two installments of EPs previously released. The beats are mellow, yet charismatic.They draw you in.

Ol’Skool gives you an indication of where the artists’ heads are at. They stay true to hip hop’s basics. They are not being to over indulgent and rapping about things that have not happened to them or things they do not have. They are about the beats and the lyrics. They are in fact purists.Down The Road is a song that asks the question: If you met the future version of you would you want to know the story of your life or would you rather just let it play out? The songs verses have the emcees play out from the vantage point of the emcees’ younger selves meeting the older versions. It’s an interesting premise. It’s a dope track conceptually and definitely one that I could see getting extended run on the Ipod.

Break It Down is an extremely mellow track that features an emcee that spits better in his second language (English) then some people in their first language. I first ran into Skilltester Stabbone’s music on an EP from Romanian producer, Jupiter. Coincidentally that same EP also featured The Aztext. Obviously a connection was made from that process and a couple of years later they are doing songs together. This song is one that you could vibe to to unwind from a long day. And again, it bears mentioning, Stabbone’s first language is Romanian and he kills it in English. Damn impressive.

The second version of Down The Road is actually my favorite track off of the EP as it has the emcees now writing from the perspective of being the older versions meeting themselves in their youth in the same situations as the first version of the song as heard earlier in the EP. I like how they made two songs relating to once concept but from two unique vantage points. That’s probably one of the most innovative tracks I have heard in a long while. The production is jazzy and incorporates more horn than the original. It’s just a fun song who’s vision is executed to perfection.

Overall when you listen to this third installment of Who Cares If We’re Dope? you get the sense that The Aztext have a great appreciation for hip hop artists who came before them. They aren’t flashy and won’t offer you any corny gimmicks. Their style is steepened in lyricism, dope beats, and the ability to make good songs. XPL gave a very good showing of himself as well on this EP. There was nothing too heavy in his production but yet they did make me nod my head quite a bit. He is definitely on a laid back vibe.

If their website is accurate, it looks like the next project from The Aztext will be produced by Dub Sonata. I am big fan of his work and look forward to when that one will drop. So cop this release and stay tuned for more from the team. if you are interested in the first two installments, just search Itunes and give them a listen.